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CMS ICU plays an active role in the provision of the Intensive Care Medicine service for Central Nepal. We are the main ICU for the Chitwan area, but we also regularly receive and care for patients from all over the western region.

CMS ICU cares for between 600 and 800 patients per year. Like most ICU's in the Kingdom of Nepal, occupancy rates are high and the unit is often very busy. The Intensive Care Unit has 8 bed spaces, including 2 isolation rooms.6 of these beds are staffed at a ratio of one nurse per patient, to look after those patients who require advanced support of breathing, cardiac or kidney function, or frequently a combination of these problems The other 2 beds are for patients who require high levels of nursing care, or advanced monitoring of heart, lung or kidney function that cannot be provided on a general ward.

The Unit is fully equipped to provide advanced Intensive Care, including mechanical ventilation (the use of a breathing machine to assist the patients own breathing efforts, or to take over the work of breathing for them).

CMS Intensive Care Unit offers the best of both the art and science of nursing. At CMS, we have combined the latest trends in medicine and technology with a focus on caring for people. Quality and service define our culture of excellence.

Our Intensive Care Unit is supported by the finest nurses, teaching physicians and multidisciplinary teams working together to make a critical difference in our patients' lives. At CMS, the Intensive Care Unit is more than a diverse mix of medical and surgical patients; it is teamwork, continuous learning, innovation and a positive work environment for nurses. In CMS Intensive Care Unit, we are creating an environment of excellence, which includes Team Rounds to guide every patient's care. Medical staff, nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and case managers work together to assure that our patients' physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met.  Ventilators,  central lines, arterial lines are commonly utilized in our patient care. Innovative treatment modalities continually challenge nursing staff to learn more, do more and be more.

Critical Care nurses choose CMS Intensive Care Unit to gain expertise in their chosen professional specialty, take advantage of flexible scheduling options, enjoy recognition for performance, and participate in committed teamwork and decision-making that reflects and defines our culture.

CMS’s ICU offers critical care nurses an abundance of opportunities for professional growth and development. We provide:
  • An autonomous and supportive environment
  • Exposure to the latest advances in treatment
  • Diverse patient population
  • Continuous challenges to stimulate critical thinking skills
  • Services include:
  • Continuous cardiac monitoring with full arrhythmia disclosure
  • St-monitoring during the acute coronary syndrome episode
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring
  • Congestive heart failure management
  • Intravenous titration of drugs to correct life threatening abnormality
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • End Tidal C02 monitoring
  • Management of acute gastric hemorrhage
  • Intravenous conscious sedation
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