Emergency services and ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life support) systems are practiced in our ultramodern, fully equipped casualty. The casualty receives, Highway Road Traffic accidents periodically, as the Medical College is situated in proximity to the National Highways, connecting the eastern region of Nepal towards the west of the country. Efforts have been made by the Board of Directors in accordance with local Municipalities, to lay down new roads to provide quick access to the emergency services in cases of fatality.

The casualty is manned by a team of casualty medical officers (CMO), interns posted on rotation, as well as the Chief Casualty In-charge. The rotations for the CMO’s are on 1: 3 basis of interns, with the Chief Casualty In-charge, supervising the services continuously. Triage is practiced, in times of Mass casualty and ATLS with primary surveys  taken care by the casualty team. The Secondary surveys are done by dedicated specialist teams, associated with the emergency services, for quick diagnosis and treatment planning.

The concept of ‘team care’ is essential in dealing with emergencies confidently and competently. Our team of dedicated doctors live by that motto

On call anaesthetist, the OT staff and Ambulance services ensure, that morbidity is dealt with quickly and with efficient protocols. For those requiring Neurosurgical intervention, provisions at times have been made for Heli lifts to Kathmandu.

As COMS, is a tertiary referral center, the Emergency services also receive cases from peripheral centers including those of burns, critically ill, poisoning, animal attacks, domestic assaults, war injuries and other medical and surgical emergencies.  

  • 24 hours emergency services
  • 24 hr laboratory services for casualty patients
  • Facilities for ECG, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillator, ventilator
  • Minor procedures such as Cathetarization, Endotracheal intubation, Chest drainage, Lumbar puncture, dressing & primary wound closure.
  • Monitoring of haemodynamic profile & other vitals through ultramodern equipment
  • Facilities for neonatal resuscitation
  • Prompt & efficient ambulance services

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