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Fee structure:
There are several headings of fees structures. Such as self financed student fee, hostel fee, mess charges, library and diary fee, student welfare fee, medical service fee, university registration fee, university affiliation fee, examination fee, student council and college day fee, student welfare fee, sports and cultural activities fee etc. The details of the fee can be obtained from the Director of Admissions, College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Chitwan (Dist.) , Nepal.

1.1. All columns in the application form should be filled carefully and legibly in candidate’s own handwriting and sent by registered post with acknowledgement due addressed to the Director-Admission, College of Medical Sciences – Nepal in a cover superscribed “Application for admission to MBBS course, so as to reach him by the cut off date as advertised.. Application received after the due date due to postal delay in transit or for any other reason will not be accepted. So also, applications which is incomplete in required information are likely to be rejected.

Note:- Application form may be submitted even though the Intermediate science or equivalent qualifying examination results are not out, on or before the due date as indicated above. However, he must qualify in all respects before the admission.

1.2. The following documents should be submitted with the application form.

1.3. Age Certificate:- Copy of school leaving certificate, or any other document/ showing date of birth, certificate signed by Head of the Institution last studied showing the date of birth of the candidates ( attested xerox Copy)

1.4. Course certificate of qualifying examination:- In case, the result of the qualifying examination has not been declared, a copy of the certificate from head of the Institution where the candidate studied his 10+2 science stream or equivalent qualifying examination showing the subjects taken. (attested Xerox copy )

Note:- On publication of results, an attested photostat copy of the mark-sheet of the qualifying examination should be submitted immediately so as to reach this Institute on or before the date of admission.

1.5. In the case of candidates who have already passed the qualifying examination, an attested Photostat copy of the mark-sheet of Intermediate/ Equivalent qualifying examination or higher examination as the case may be (Photostat Copy).

1.6. If the mark-sheet of the qualifying examination is in any language other than English, attach a true attested copy of translation of mark-sheet in English in International numerals.

1.7. Conduct certificate:- A Photostat copy of conduct certificate from the Head of the Institution where studied last.

1.8. Nationality Certificate:- A Photostat copy of the relevant pages of passport or any other document such as: Identity card/ Citizenship card etc. issued by the competent authorities as proof of nationality of the candidate.

1.9. Photographs:- Two passport size and two stamp size colour photographs recently taken. One to be pasted in the application form and other three in an envelope.

1.10. Self Address envelop:- A self addressed envelope of the size of 10x 22.5 cm

2. A self addressed envelope for sending acknowledgment card.

2.1. Certificates submitted with application form will in no case be returned to the candidates. Candidates are therefore, advised not to send their original certificates which are not required, at this stage. However they will be required to verify at the time of admission.

2.2. If any information/certificates furnished in the application is found to be false, fabricated or forged, there will be an outright rejection of the application.

2.3. An accepted application will be registered and given a registration number and will be acknowledged. This registration number should be quoted in all future correspondence without fail for reference.

3. Method of selection and Admission

3.1. All the candidates who have applied for admission and are found eligible will be required to appear for an interview at their own cost. The interview will be conducted at a particular center only if there are sufficient number of candidates for that center or else candidates may be asked to appear in other centers as decided by the authority.

3.2. Only those candidates shall be called for interview who fulfill the admission requirements in respect of Age and educational qualification as indicated.

3.2.1. Interview letters will not be sent to the ineligible candidates. No representation in this regard will be entertained.

3.2.2. No correspondence will be entertained for refund of registration fee of the ineligible candidates.

3.2.3. The Institute bears no responsibility for non-receipt of interview letter due to loss in transit or on any other reason.

3.2.4. Admission shall be offered only to the candidates from the merit list, in accordance with their merit position.

3.2.5. Individual letters will be sent to the candidates who are likely to be selected or come in the waiting list. They will be required to attend interview and Medical Examination at the Institute at their own cost on the notified date. At the time of interview, candidates will have to produce the original documents such as proof of age, transfer certificate, marks sheets, migration certificates etc.

3.2.6. Provided any candidate is not able to attend interview and Medical Examination at the Institute on the notified date on medical grounds or due to some other circumstances beyond his/her control and he/she is in the list of selected candidates and his/her parents/guardian come in person on his/her behalf for verification of the original certificates of the selected candidates and pay the fees and submit the original certificates to the Institute he will be considered for provisional admission. His/her formal admission will be confirmed only after he/she is found medically fit and fulfills other requirements.

3.2.7. To fill vacancies arising out of failure of appearance by the selected candidates, sufficient number of candidates from the waiting list will also be called for interview. Such candidates will have to appear for the interview on the notified date at their own cost.

3.2.8. Candidates who fail to attend interview/ medical examination on the notified date and are also not represented by parents/guardian will have forfeited their claim for admission and placement in the waiting list.

3.2.9. No intimation about the non-selection will be sent and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

3.2.10. The admission of the candidates of other University/Board other than Kathmandu University will be only provisional subject to the recognition of their qualification by the K.U. In case, the Kathmandu University does not accord recognition for admission to the candidate on any ground, his/her provisional admission will be cancelled.

3.2.11. Candidates who have been admitted, must join their classes on the date of commencement of classes.

3.2.12. The selection/admission is liable to be cancelled if the selected candidates does not report or join the classes on the stipulated date without prior permission.

3.2.13. In the matter of selection/admission, the decision of the college authority shall be final and anybody found to have produced forged, fabricated or manipulated documents will be excelled from the college canceling his admission.

Hostel Accommodation:

Separate hostel accommodation is available for boys and girls. All students should reside in the hostel except those who are permitted to reside with parents/guardian or relatives with permission of the parents. In Bharatpur, The admission to the hostel and allotment of room is at the discretion of Principal.

Request for accommodation in the hostels should be in writing in a prescribed form along with the assurance by the parents/guardian for the good conduct and behavior of the candidates during his/her stay in the hostel. Admission to hostel will be made by the Warden on approval of the Principal.

A student’s Aid Fund exits in the Institute. The object of this fund it to render financial assistance to needy students. The found will be used to assist deserving students to purchase books and pay tuition fees and/or examination fees or to meet similar other expenses. The assistance will be given in the from of grants or interest fee loans depending upon the availability of founds. No scholarship will be given from this funds. The functions and administration of the fund are governed by the rules framed for the purpose. Voluntary contributions in the multiples of RS 100/- per month are acceptable.

Foreign students admitted to MBBS course are required to under go a course in Nepali Language. This is compulsory as per Kathmandu University regulations.

General Discipline:

Students admitted to the Institute shall maintain good conduct, pay the requisite tuition fees and other charges by due dates attend their classes/clinics regularly and abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute. When the conduct and character of a student is not satisfactory or is of suspicious nature, the Principal reserves the rights without assigning any reason thereof either to make him/her vacate the hostel or to expel him/her from the institute.

The student and their guardian should sign the declaration at the time of admission.


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