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The Journal of College of Medical Sciences-Nepal (JCMS-Nepal) was started in October 2004 as a yearly publication. From the year 2010 onwards it is being published quarterly. JCMS-Nepal is a peer reviewed international journal. The journal aims to provide a strong platform for the researchers from Nepal and other developing countries to publish their research findings. The journal can be accessed through
The full contents of the journal can also be accessed from NepJOL by following the link:


The Journal of College of Medical Sciences [ISSN 2091-0657(Print), 2091-0673(Online)], a multidisciplinary, quarterly, peer reviewed, biomedical journal, is one of the oldest medical journals from Nepal. The journal is the official publication of College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Nepal.

The Journal welcomes contributions from medical professionals, concerned with patient care from all over the world. It aims to publish evidence based, scientific research articles from various disciplines of the medical sciences. The Journal welcomes articles, novel and unique cases and reviews of general interest to medical researchers. Articles on the clinical evaluation of drugs and other therapies, epidemiologic studies of the general population, studies on pathogenic organisms and toxic materials, and the toxicities and adverse effects of therapeutics are welcome.


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